Hannyta is a young, independent singer and songwriter based in the UK. She studies singing, dancing, playing the piano and loves experimenting with all aspects of music production. She has recently teamed up with a music industry professional who is now her mentor overseeing her studies in modern electronic music production and sound engineering. 

Hannyta's original Debut Single, Wildflower, has reached #5 on the iTunes Pop Songs Chart in South Africa and her Boombox Country Dance Remix 17 was #5 on the iTunes UK Dance Chart.



Hannyta In Recording Studio

Cover Girl

Hannyta Cover Girl Lazie Indie Magazine

Lazie Indie Magazine

July, Issue 27 Cover Story is Hannyta

This is just amazing! I am so happy to be on the cover of the amazing Lazie Indie Magazine! As an independent musician I am so thrilled, happy and proud of this recognition!

My latest Release

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Hannyta Music Production

A lot of amazing songs that could become international hits and top music charts all around the world never get published.

Feel free to send us your songs, tracks or tunes and we may organize your full scale music production. Ocassionally, we buy songs as well.

You can submit songs via email 


Released March 2022

My only country Single is a song from Tennessee written by Donna Nolan Wilson who gave the song to me as a gift. The title is Seventeen and it was released by MTS Records just before my 18th birthday. A dance remix, made by the awesome DJ Jerry Housen, was also released at the same time.



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Hannyta Releases Fierce New Single 'Wildflower'

Review by Curious For Music

Hannyta has now released her debut original track 'Wildflower'. It hit Top 5 on the international iTunes charts. No wonder because it is truly a gem of a song, with a fierce core... 


Let’s Have Rockin’ Christmas Volume Six – Holiday Season 2021

Featured Artists and Songs on Volume 6

Hannyta`s cover of Sia`s Snowman has just been released on the Christmas album of Let’s Have Rockin’ Christmas Volume Six – Holiday Season 2021 by Bongo Boy Records.

New Video



I am Hannyta, I am a young aspiring musician, singer and songwriter currently based in the UK. I grew up in the Scottish Highlands from a young age and all through the school years I loved all things art. I tried drama, played the flute and the piano, learned singing, drawing, artistic roller skating, ballet and modern dance.  

Music is definitely my real passion of all artistic influences I have had so far. I have just turned eighteen so all I am doing is still largely just aspiration but I would love to be a professional musician!  

I think I can boldly say I have been very lucky to be able to work with some very experienced musicians early on. My piano teacher who also taught me singing was a very highly trained singer and vocal coach. He gave me the initial inspiration to become an artist, from singing Disney songs and musicals we slowly ventured into pop music and country music as I grew older. Soon enough, at the age of fourteen, I was invited for my first live performance... Well, sort of... it was a friend's wedding, where strangely enough I came to embrace the performing artist in me very easily. I loved every minute of the whole experience.    

I was sixteen years old when I posted a piano medley and a few home recorded covers on YouTube which helped me get discovered by a local producer who invited me for an audition. Since then I have been working together with him on several projects. We published four covers and my first original electric pop song, Wildflower, was just released on 22nd October by the Italian record label PA74 Music.  

Some of my music influences are Avicii, Birdy, Adele, Sia, Mike Oldfield, The Weeknd and Shania Twain as country pop is perhaps closest to my heart right now. I would love to experiment a bit with EDM later on. I also love retro disco and remixes of all classics no matter how old and especially the 80's vibes. For folk music I Love Skipinnish and Ritchie Blackmore's band Blackmore's Night. My next release will be a funky pop song and I am also working on more covers and originals for a planned EP that could come out early next year.