Hannyta is a young, independent singer and songwriter based in the UK. She studies singing, dancing, playing the piano and loves experimenting with all aspects of music production. Quite recently she has attended an audition with a local music producer who helped her form Hannyta Music Ltd in London. Without much hesitation she has also signed up with a music publishing company in Brooklyn, New York. Her original debut single, Wildflower, has reached #5 on the iTunes Pop Songs Chart in South Africa!

Hannyta In Recording Studio


I am Hannyta, I am a young aspiring musician, singer and songwriter currently based in the UK. I grew up in the Scottish Highlands from a young age and all through the school years I loved all things art. I tried drama, played the flute and the piano, learned singing, drawing, artistic roller skating, ballet and modern dance.  

Music is definitely my real passion of all artistic influences I have so far had. I am only seventeen so all I am doing is still largely just aspiration but I would love to be a professional musician!  

I think I can boldly say I have been very lucky to be able to work with some very experienced musicians early on. My piano teacher who also taught me singing was a very highly trained singer and vocal coach. He gave me the initial inspiration to become an artist, from singing Disney songs and musicals we slowly ventured into pop music and country music as I grew older. Soon enough, at the age of fourteen, I was invited for my first live performance... Well, sort of... it was a friend's wedding, where strangely enough I came to embrace the performing artist in me very easily. I loved every minute of the whole experience.    

I was sixteen years old when I posted a piano medley and a few home recorded covers on YouTube which helped me get discovered by a local producer who invited me for an audition. Since then I have been working together with him on several projects. We published four covers and my first original electric pop song, Wildflower, was just released on 22nd October by the Italian record label PA74 Music.  

Some of my music influences are Avicii, Birdy, Adele, Sia, Mike Oldfield, The Weeknd and Shania Twain as country pop is perhaps closest to my heart right now. I would love to experiment a bit with EDM later on. I also love retro disco and remixes of all classics no matter how old and especially the 80's vibes. For folk music I Love Skipinnish and Ritchie Blackmore's band Blackmore's Night. My next release will be a funky pop song and I am also working on more covers and originals for a planned EP that could come out early next year.


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New Single out on 8th March 2022

My new Single to release is a country song from Tennessee written by Donna Nolan Wilson who gave the song to me as a gift. The title is Seventeen and it will be released by MTS Records just before my 18th birthday. A dance remix made by the awesome DJ Jerry Housen is also coming out at the same time.



Hannyta Releases Fierce New Single 'Wildflower'

Review by Curious For Music

Hannyta has now released her debut original track 'Wildflower'. It hit Top 5 on the international iTunes charts. No wonder because it is truly a gem of a song, with a fierce core... 


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Let’s Have Rockin’ Christmas Volume Six – Holiday Season 2021

Featured Artists and Songs on Volume 6

Hannyta`s cover of Sia`s Snowman has just been released on the Christmas album of Let’s Have Rockin’ Christmas Volume Six – Holiday Season 2021 by Bongo Boy Records.

Hannyta Music Production


BUT first... Here is a funny Interview from a Rock Magazine!


My debut single, Wildflower, literally just came to life so unexpectedly that it surprised everyone around me, my family, friends and of course my producer. Although I am a massive chatterbox I guess I must appreciate that I cannot start from Adam and Eve in a music magazine. However, there is a good reason... and not even with the "probably", that you have never heard about me. I am a very young artist, only seventeen, but I love calling myself an artist despite always adding aspiring in front of such a big word!

It all started with creating a YouTube channel, posting a few cover songs that I recorded on my phone and of course my original piano medley Highland Girl that attracted a massive following of five people and 35 views. I just turned sixteen at the time and I had this burning desire in my heart to put something really cool on my channel so mom and dad got a birthday wish and eventually they agreed to a budget friendly solution for the recordings if I were to find one. I was searching for months but all music and video production services were far too expensive. God created Adam and... lol. Anyway, if you think it is easy to impress a producer with 30 years of TV and radio experience at an audition you kind of hijacked to take a sixteen-year-old girl seriously you are wrong. I think it was my relentless optimism, enthusiasm and the "I got nothin' to lose" boldness that melted his heart to offer me the production of two covers free of charge. In a nutshell, this is how it all started and led to the birth of my artistry. For a year now I have been taking music very seriously, learning the piano, singing, songwriting, mixing and mastering in PreSonus Studio One and the whole music production process with my newly found mentor.

In terms of Wildflower, I think you guys have a vague idea about who mixed and mastered the song to radio quality production but there is definitely something to attribute to me as well. My dad loves poetry so he is usually a great help with lyrics and he came up with the Title and added a few segments to the lyrics. The song idea was mine. I watched a touching 2002 war movie called Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage and it has made a real impression on me. If you have not seen the film I think I'll be a little cheeky here and copy and paste the short description from my YouTube channel because it sums up the story behind the song really well :

"The Navajo language was an unbreakable code used by the US Navy during WWII. Despite the historical injustice that happened to the Native American Indians centuries ago the Navajos volunteered to fight for their country during the war. In the song a Navajo girl who now lives a modern life falls in love with a navy sailor and shows how proud she is for her cultural background and family. It is about the true love between these young guys and also in the modern world there is no place for a divide between people of any background."

As a good high school student I was taught to hate plagiarism even if I quote myself. Just in case you chose to look my song up on YouTube and felt the overwhelmingly cathartic desire to like and subscribe...lol. You would find me out! So what sort of song is Wildflower? Let me go back to the source code again 'cos otherwise... if you get me going here I will never finish! "Wildflower is a very positive and patriotic vibe, a lovely electric folk-pop love song with many artistic angles."

  • If you are an indie musician, songwriter or someone with an amazing tune get in touch
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